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Welcome to the Stark County Minority Business Association



Since 2008, when the Stark County Minority Business Association was founded, the mission has always been the same... To help to turn minority business owners' dreams into reality. Dreams are not too big for any entrepreneur to accomplish a viable, sustainable, flourishing business.


  • Help to close the racial wealth gap in Stark County
  • Encourage major corporations and businesses to actively partner with minority businesses in Stark County through contract opportunities, mentorships and more
  • Help to strengthen the economy in Stark County
  • Foster job creation
  • Cultivate the youth to become capable entrepreneurs



Supporting these businesses means providing them with resources that include technical and professional assistance, access to capital, and connection to business opportunities through our organization. We also implement programs for minority-owned businesses and the youth:

Expanding Resources for All (ERA) Program: Approximately 25 businesses are selected to learn business fundamentals through workshops, mentorships, and grant funding that can be used for their businesses. This program is designed to aid minority businesses located in Stark County, Ohio.

YEP Program: A free entrepreneurship program for middle schoolers in under-resourced communities. 12 students received entrepreneurship training from influential business leaders in Stark County. Students created their own businesses and participated in a pitch competition. Each student received a monetary reward to apply to their education, a free laptop, and 100 shares of Hall of Fame Village stock that was gifted by the sponsors of this program.

Lunch & Learn:

One of our most beneficial programs is our Lunch & Lunch series where we invite accredited speakers to share their experiences on special topics of great value to our members. Through the Lunch & Learn Series, we are able to provide opportunities not just to network and educate, but also to elevate our members. Each event features a catered meal, a community resource round table, and a keynote speaker.


In Stark County, there is a strong need for minority-owned businesses to thrive in our community. Big companies have a history of oppressing small businesses and putting a heavy burden on low-income communities, including Black communities and Black-owned businesses. Diversity builds economic vitality, uplifts communities, and promotes productivity and resilience. For a growing economy, holistic sustainability is impossible without the inclusion of all.


With your support, we can uplift minority businesses together.