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SCMBA Leadership

The Stark County Minority Business Association is led by: 

SCMBA Officers

President - Mandwel Patterson (Owner/Invictus Capital Management)

Vice President - Steve Perry (Former CEO, Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Treasurer - Darlene Knott (Fiscal Agent /The ABCD, Inc.)

Secretary/Coordinator - Will Dent (Executive Director/The ABCD, Inc.) 

Board of Directors

Ken Hill, Raymont Johnson, Janelle Lee, George Lemon, Steven Meeks, Stephen Schillig, Brenda Stevens,

Diane Robinson, Wanda Young, Sandy Upperman, David Reliford, and Dorian Chenualt


Leonard Stevens - CEO

Office Manager  - Amilah L. Johnson Williams

Program Director - Lydia Lee

Marketing & Membership Coordinator - Juanita Gray

Director of Business Development & Growth - Skyler Parks




Each individual has extended experience in the area of Private Industry and Non-Profit Agency Management.